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Findh2o Locates 90+ Toxic Substances underground & Radon gas
Toxic Contaminated Sites for  90+ Elements
Locate any(arsenic to zinc) toxic unhealthy source in any defined area
Want contacts from health personnel and concerned citizens.

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Any 90+ Toxic elements found as radio-active Radon gas in USGS National Water Report 00-4270   Radonvanc17.html

If A to Z toxic unhealthy source, we locate any underground toxic source even radio-active
if 1 day or 30 years. Toxic contaminates are in water, on mountain, in forest or buried. All subject to contract.

Radon was connected to Breast Cancer at Toxic12.html

Is Radon Gas connected to Cancer or Leukemia clusters in Nevada
Fallon, Nv in Churchill county and Reno, Nv in Washoe county are loaded with Radon gas. 
Can it be cause for their Leukemia and Cancer cluster cases in 1999 and 2000.  We asked for
data to review for toxic contaminates.  We can refer to medical researchers who diagnose these
individual case conditions. There were 14 children, infants to 17 years old and two have died in
May 2001 in Fallon, Nv.  There were 8 Cancer cases in Reno at Traner Middle School of teachers
and staff person but one died.  We will wait 10 days for data from local persons or families having
access to information to review one or two.

Arsenic in Water-Fallon,Nv; Norman,Ok; Albuquerque, NM
Arsenic levels standard in drinking water were reduced from 50 parts per billion (ppb) to 10 ppb
without any input from science community and major financial disadvantage to small and large communities.

Arsenic Levels
Fallon, Nevada reports 100 ppb; Norman, Ok reports 8-18 ppb and Albuquerque,NM reports 2-40 ppb
in their drinking water and why.

Do they have too poorly drilled wells, narrow water channels underground for well locations or is there
toxic contaminates in ground affecting surface water run-off and ground water or both?

Our Findings & Suggestions to EPA & residents
Our examination shows they have both, need to relocate wells and dig up/remove arsenic toxics.
(1) We located buried arsenic in Fallon area 1" to 122 feet deep in two locations with 98 and 110 ppb
since 1954 and 1961.  They need to move present Fallon wells and remove contaminates of 1" to 11 feet
deep which are 33"x 38" and 3' x 18' rectangle shape.

(2) We located buried arsenic in Norman, Ok 8 to 42 feet deep in a location with 11 ppb since 1962.  They
need to move present wells and remove contaminates of 98" to 114" deep which are 16" x 22" rectangle shape.

(3) We located buried arsenic in Alburquerque area 30' to 30' 6'' in a location with 16 ppb since 1938.  They
need to move present wells and remove contaminates from 30 foot level which are 6' to 27" rectangle shape
for 99%+ solution of contaminates.

At this point, inquiry with each city does not show any interest to relocate any water wells or remove contaminates
 but they had problem for 39 to 62 years.

E-Coli in Wells-June,2000
A midwest rural powhatten pt in belmont county over a 60 square miles has since June 2000 determined
e-coli to be in their water wells, closed their wells and hauls chlorinated fluoride water from local city 2.5 to 10 miles daily.

Our preliminary tests confirmed Escherichia Coli (E-Coli) bacteria in eight (8) locations from probably
defective septic tanks in March 2001.  The apparent sewage overflows has contaminated six creeks,
234 residences, 8-12 working farms who use about 150-200,000 gallons per day of water. Our solution
was to locate new water site outside of  contaminated area to install 1 or 2 wells to produce bacteria free,
 chlorine-free well water.  The residents are looking for county to install $3.0 million pipeline extension for
ity water connection. We do not recommend chlorinated water for animals nor humans but this is a personal choice.