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Findh2o finds Radon exposure connected to Breast Cancer Case
Toxic12 Radon gas Breast Cancer Radon exposure prevention
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A midwest resident woman had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was only her left breast with no
explained cause.  We were asked to test area for any toxics and found radon where she lived, worked
and commuted for past five years. Which was relevant source?

Radon gas deposits found
1. The office area had no radon gas source. A radon gas deposit did exist at street entrance to office
 parking lot. It was not relevant deposit nor would it be in a traffic commute.

2. The street near her home had small radon gas but it was not relevant.
3. The 10 acre parcel residence with a 4,000 square foot home had two deposits side by side.  One
deposit was a 3 foot dimension length and width and the other was 1.5 foot dimension length and
 width adjoining first.  Each deposit was 300 feet below surface and 16,000 feet deep with high exposure.

Breast Cancer probable
The two deposits were under her left bedside and extended 6 to 8 inches covering left bedside
as she sleep on her stomach.  These were relevant deposits and probable cause contributing to her breast cancer.
Radon gas has no smell and is extremely difficult to find or measure.

Radon exposure
Radon gas normally rises through any building material and over exposure to any body part will cause cancer.
 It can not be removed but can be redirected per EPA guidelines noted next paragraph.

The normal advice by state EPA agencies is to cover affect radon gas area with heavy plastic.  Install a 4"
plastic pipe in through center of plastic on ground floor. Pipe directed to outside wall of building.

You may convert 4" to 2" pipe on outside wall, run to top of building and install 24 hr DRAW fan to pull
radon from under plastic through pipe.  It vents radon out in air so it does not reenter home.  Locate Radon first to save life.