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Findh2o finds 154 Diamagnetic Water North America Sites
Diamagnetic Natural Water & Other Water of World    page one
We calculated each resource quantity by calculating: water width, water top and bottom, height of water,
 number, size of wells, hours of daily production, gallons per minute, hour, day, year, acre feet per year for 154..

We know any required recharge ponds, size of ponds, depth of ponds, recharge water per year; any storage;
percent bulk or bottled water and  FOB price so each resource is undepleted for 154.

What is diamagnetics, diamagnetic natural water and its significance for your life
The quality of pure natural water is better taste than bottled.  It is  not contaminated with chemicals, is
 not damaged from electro- magnetic fields (it destroys hydrogen/oxygen bonds) as wells, tap or bottled
water sources and is protected from bacterias.

What are some troubled area Water Resources In World
We did inventory of the pure drinking water resources in world to show the limited number but
 there are other fresh water or brackish sources to remediate into useful applications.

There are over 60 countries with inadequate fresh water sources especially in Middle East,
Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America and outlined by John Hopkins University Study in association with United Nations.

We located the other fresh water sources in a few Middle East countries (7 or 8 locations) but
not contact any country to date.  It is each country's responsibility to contact us if they want help.
We are technical firm and not any government agency.