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LED finds U need 10G Natural Diamagnetic Water to repel PTOs
LifeEnergyDynamics Summary                             page one
LED states the Diamagnetic Nature Pure water is in the 154 pure resource sites.

It is natural flow water, no centrifigal pumping (cp) nor chemicals.  Cp or chemicals destroys diamagnetics.

The Diamagnetics (D) ring extends protection for 365 days of the diamagnetic water after 5 hours out of the ground. 
This Natural Pure Diamamgetic is one million times more effective than old C charged cell water.

If Nature Pure D water is brought above ground, it is consumed within 5 hours or must be bottled after
diamagnetic D ring used in storage container.

The body needs to replace minimum of 8.5 to 10 gallons of its dead water in body for rehydration with nature
pure D water at rate of four 8.5 oz glasses per day  for 32+ days. Parkinsons, alzheimers or encephalitis need to rehydrate for 34+ days.

Others diamagnetic systems or altered waters are not nature pure, nor effective and do not have these properties to
be effective as our tests reveal. Diamagnetic Nature Pure water with D ring is only water we found to be effective from findh2o. 
Please do not contact us for Nature Pure D water as it is available only from

Your brain functions on diamagnetic fluids, body has only 5% diamagnetic fluid and all in brain until you rehydrate with Natural D water.

When you drink D water, you (1) urinate excessively to get rid of old dead water (tap/spring/ distilled/bottled), (2)sleep
sounder with less needed sleep, and (3) your appetite increases.

Once you complete minimum re-hydration, your thirst level lowers and diamagnetic water has prevented for over 30 years
any new formation of any gallstones/gallstone crystals, arthritic rheumatism, removes all types calcification but recalcifies
osteoporsis conditions, relieves stomach aches in minutes, regulates digestive system, scars and moles may disappear and
can reduce scaring in burn treatments based on degree of damage.

D nature pure water does more and can repel any new pathogens, toxins, prevents any new kidney stones or any heart/neck
artery plaque. Self-Cures are needed to eradicate any prior pathogens, toxins or obstructions.

D nature pure water may be used with herb extracts in closed charged cells.  D nature pure water can code, memorize
and transfer herbal extract charged cell to the diamagnetic water based on digital biology principles. It may be years
before herb extract charged cells are used by herbalists.