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LED finds body cells 5% Diamagnetic all in brain & need 100%
LifeEnergyDynamics Findings
LED reviewed protective diamagnetic properties as healthy brains function on our body's 5% diamagnetic
fluid properties.  The rest (95%) of body cells do not have diamagnetic fluids.                  
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A toxic substance can break the bonds of diamagnetics fluids in brain. Brain loses its protective diamagnetic
 functions if only 5% diamagnetic body fluids and needs 100% diamagnetic fluids.

Diamagnetic nature pure water with new D ring allows person/animal/plant to thrive from any pathogen/
toxin/obstruction and permits healthy brains to repel pathogenic micro-organisms.

Brain disease cause of parkinsons, alzheimers and encephalitis cases show pathogenic micro-organisms
 in every test case and no diamagnetic water fluids in brain.

These cases need Self-Cures to eradicate pathogens/toxics and rehydrate 100% diamagnetic nature pure water
with protective D ring as old water and old C cells did obstructions.

Our (protected) underground water is nature pure diamagnetic until above ground for 5 hours, needs a D ring for
365 day protection and no centrifigal pumping or chemicals.

All altered water producers claim their product better but they are not nature pure nor retain any diamagnetic
properties to consumption.

B__water, W___ water and others products do not retain any effective diamagnetic properties.  They use 1, 2
drops or entire container after packaging but no energy or diamagnetics detected unless placebo effect.

Diamagnetic water properties are nature pure and using various paramagnetic, ferromagnetic or other magnetic
charges with artificial materials does not create or retain any strong diamagnetics in water.

People using diamagnetic water develop three good symptoms from using these properties:
1. excess urinating to replace dead water (tap,spring, distilled or bottled),
2. sounder deep sleep requiring less rest time,
3. increased appetite.

The diamagnetic water or grape repels from a magnet but you need new D Water with D ring.

The diamagnetic water has after prolonged use (32+days) prevented new formation of most kidney stones, gallstones,
gallstone crystals, heart artery plaque for 30+ years.

Further, Nature Pure D Water also prevents new formation of pathogenic micro-organisms or toxins and is rated
D-1million. C-water cells remove bone calcifications but calcify if osteoporosis, relieves stomach aches in minutes,
helps overall digestion, makes scars/ moles disappear, is rated C-1 and results tested by Minister of Health over 12 year
period with 30 years of people use and 65 years industrial use.

Our tests confirmed D water with old C cells and D ring.  Water with old C cells will prevent for most, continuous taking
kidney or liver cleanses or supplements for any kidney stones, gallstones or heart artery plaque after initial time.  Further,
Nature Pure D Water with D ring also repels pathogenic micro-organisms and toxins. Neither will eradicate any prior
pathogens, toxins etc.  D ring is one million times more effective than C-1 water.

The Nature Pure Diamagnetic water rated one million times higher, is pure and extends protection 365 days with a
D ring effectively. It takes 32+ days to drink at least four 8.5 ozs per day to reach minimum rehydrating of your remaining
95% body cells.  However, it takes minimum 34+ days if parkinsons, alzheimers, encephalitis or any brain ills.