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Findh2o locates crisis waterline breaks maps to pump 8mm GPD
Water9 Case Emergency broken water pipelines mapped had multiple breaks
(8,000,000 gallons pumped a day)        
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Crisis Condition-
A community of Steubenville,Ohio water plant lost its ability to pump raw surface water from
river supply pump house to city treatment plant/reservior. Reservior was emptied.  Pump house
and reservior were 2 miles apart, had incurred multiple pipeline breaks, no pressure in two pipelines
and no map of 80 year old lines. THIS EMERGENCY WAS WITHOUT ANSWERS FOR THREE+ DAYS.
Bill Fabian Water Supervisor contacted us.

Emergency required us to:
1) map the 2 mile underground pipelines; 2) locate pipeline breaks and 3) allow city repair crews
to repair twin pipelines after 3 days without any raw process water supply and no drinking water for 5 days.

City provided Blank Maps
The city water Superintenant Bill Fabian provided us with city map from pump house to plant reservior. 
We mapped the two underground pipelines, marked the breaks on map and flagged pipeline site breaks. 
The lines were 80 years old.

Water lines mapped after 80 years
The two lines are side by side out of pump house 18-20 ft deep. They are on top of each other
crossing a four lane new interstate highway. They return to side by side on the west side of highway
at 8-10 ft deep.  They are along side a paved residential road 250 feet.  They are SW under a haul
road to pump house. There was 50 and 100 ton rock trucks crossing over roads in prior 2 years. Lines
continued adjacent to road, across ball fields and parking lot to treatment plant reservior.

Pipeline directions and 7 breaks
After mapping underground pipeline and the direction changes, we determined the underground
break locations in pipelines.  The first two breaks were in center of highway. The second locations
were multiple in both lines and west of interstate, adjacent to paved road used by 50 ton and 100 ton
 rock trucks.  This haul road was moved 100 yards. The third to seventh locations were under the temporary
unpaved haul road.  The water started shooting out of the ground at two breaks after one break was found.
The City could not locate all breaks and had inadequate pressure in lines to pump water.

Maps, 7 breaks and repairs confirm our technology
The water supervisor Bill Fabian excavated all the break locations mapped, identified, confirm each,
 replaced and welded the pipelines in place and the two lines work without leak for three years.