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Findh2o relocates water farm wells increase water 31.9 times
Water 8 case      page one
A commercial water project has a five-well system of 500 to 2000 gpm and wanted better yielding wells. 
We measure old wells, water width and depth for each well.  One well had no water width and stopped
producing water.  The next two lower producer wells were drilled on edge of water channel flow. 
These widths were 18 and 24 feet respectively.  The two highest producers were 30 and 30 feet wide. 
The five wells were recommended to be relocated 25 feet to 275 yards from old well locations.

New well relocations increase 31.9 times more water than old locations
The new widths increased water available to wells as follows: 18 to 90 ft; 24 to 60 ft; 30 ft to 72 ft
and 30 to 84 ft on first four wells.  The water top was 230 to 520 feet in ground.  water heights
increased from 6 ft to 42 ft; 3 ft to 45 ft; 3 ft to 27 ft; 4.5 to 54 feet.  This shows increase of 35X,
37.5X, 21.6X and 33.6X more water or 31.9 times average more water.

The projected increased production based on relocating, centering each well, wider width and
increased height of water in formation would increase production to a 4,000 to 5,000 gallons
per minute (gpm) range for each of the five wells.

New relocation cost recovered in 5 days
This relocation would produce 30,000 to 35,000 acre feet per year based on 22,000 gpm on
24 hours 365 days per year.The completed wells would each cost $300,000 and cost recovered
based on $2.00 net per 1,000 gallons at wellhead in 114 hours (5 days) of production plus our royalty. 
They only needed 25,000 acre feet per year. There are 326,000 gallons per acre foot.