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Findh2o finds Plutonium and Polonium in Water Maps to Cancer
Toxic1 - Plutonium & Polonium in Water, Mapped and Cancer Cause
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A geographical region had a extremely high incidence of cancer cases, 400% more than national average.

A health group request our examination to define area where residents were passing away.

Tested for 90+ toxic substances, site found, toxic mapped.

We examined area for 90 plus toxic substances including radio-active.  We located plutonium and polonium.
We tracked toxics from close facility polluted groundwater, 60 miles downstream 1 to 6 feet below water surface
 to water treatment plant.

A site was improperly sealed and toxins leaking in water to ground water table.  The contaminated water was
tracked from source into stream to  water treatment plant.

The water processed was tracked to resident homes which defined area affected by 400% high cases of cancer. 
These findings were given to health group for referral.