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Findh2o Natural D-water repels Pathogens Toxins Obstructions
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Chemically pure water may be tap, spring, distilled or bottled but is always Dead Water.
 All famous bottled water had benefits if consumed within 20 hours at well site before radiation forms to destroy it.

Whereas, Diamagnetic nature pure(D) water with D ring is capable of promoting physiological functions of living organisms.

Once your body has nature pure D Water, it perpetuates a protective natural magnetic field to assure proper
macromolecule function for obstructions of stones and artery plaque.

Solar influences energize water in a vapor state which is reason why rain water greens a lawn more than municipal water.

Diamagnetic properties include:
reduces surface tension;  holds more solids in solution;  prevents scaling; sticks to itself;
substances dissolve in it better than dead water; is wetter; greater access to living cells;
has no pathogenic (disease causing) content;  has a memory; remembers electromagnetic substances frequencies; 
acts as sequester agent by holding salts in solution and unable to form scale in inorganic or organic solutions.

D water acts as sequestering agent based on Hydrogen Bond properties with organic or inorganic elements.

D water protected with D ring exhibits catalytic effects on growth of biomass, germinates seeds faster, increases
delivery of natural mineral plant nutrients, retards or accelerates continued reaction velocity without altering the
direction like (temporary action of) a cracking agent in hydrocarbons petroleum refining or in water to prevent scaling.